Social Security Solutions

At The Gil Law Firm, we understand how important it is to injured and sick workers to be able to rely on the benefits available to those who qualify. Our firm has been helping individuals seek and obtain Social Security Disability benefits for decades throughout Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. We are well versed in how the Social Security Administration (SSA) operates, its procedures and requirements, and how to prepare a strong case for our clients in initial applications as well as hearings and appeals.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements for Social Security Disability Benefits?

You have a qualifying medical condition or disability

Your condition is serious enough to prevent you from being able to continue at your job or at a similiar one

Your condition is expect last for at least a year or more or end in death

You have worked long enough and paid sufficiently into the system to be eligible for benefits (which can be documented)

Once you apply, no set time frame exists in which you will be informed of whether your application
was approved or denied. Per the SSA’s own statistics, the majority of initial applications are
disapproved. However, after a denial, you can appeal to have a hearing with an SSA Administrative Law
Judge. At the hearing you can present your case providing further and more speci􀁽c evidence.
Ensuring that your application is prepared thoroughly, knowing what kind of medical reports and
other documentation is needed and getting those into your submission, and avoiding any other
mistakes or omissions is critical. That is why statistics have shown that those who are represented by an attorney get better results than those who do not have representation.

What Medical Conditions Qualify for Benefits

The Social Security Administration determines what conditions qualify for disability benefits.

Back Injury

Heart Failure or Coronary Artery Disease


Vision Loss or Blindness

Hearing Loss of Deafness



Parkinson's Disease

Bipolar Disorder

Anxiety Disorder


Chronic Migraines

Multiple Sclerosis


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Liver Diseases


Kidney Diseases

Leukemia and Blood Diseases

Major Depression

Other Major Mental Disorders

How Long Does it Take to Get an Answer from the SSA on an Application?

The length of time it takes to review an application varies but processing times can take well over a
year. Variables will include the type of disability you have, how fast the SSA gets medical
documentation from your doctor(s), whether you will need a medical examination, and other factors.