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The Gil Law Firm has over 20 years of bankruptcy experience. We have the expertise to navigate bankruptcy laws and offer the best debt relief solutions suited to your unique bankruptcy case.

Our professional attorneys have encountered countless bankruptcy cases, enough to tailor the representation you need during what we believe is a challenging time in your financial life. With our experience in handling various debt situations, we can easily find you the best route to meet your goals.

Drop us a line at (334) 673 0100 to schedule a free evaluation. Our professional lawyers are ready to review your unique financial situation and immediately identify your best options to move forward. With our expertise, we can effectively represent your case and steer you toward the best decisions while you go through bankruptcy.

An Overview of Debt Settlement

Debt settlement helps by providing a way for you to pay off a debt for less than its full amount, with debt settlement offers ranging anywhere from half what you owe to even as low as 10%. Attorneys can set up a plan that can guide you on how to pay your remaining outstanding debt. They can also talk to the lenders to get you a deal of debt forgiveness in place of offering a payment agreement.

When you are deep in debt, getting it settled as soon as possible is the best direction to take. The longer you wait before hiring legal help, the lower the chances that creditors are willing to work with you. Some may even pursue litigation, which can lead to fines or imprisonment. It is the least expensive method for getting out of debt.

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Is Debt Settlement Better than Bankruptcy?

A debt settlement is often an agreement favored by lenders compared to bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a faster process, but it requires one to liquidate many assets and personal possessions to repay all creditors. 

Bankruptcy will remain on your credit score report for ten years. Debt settlement is an appealing option because it gives the consumer options to pay off the debt with his/her current circumstances.

You’ll likely have to sell off:

Home Equity

Household Items

Personal Possessions

Retirement Accounts

Cares and Other Vehicles

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Debt Settlement Companies vs. Debt Settlement Attorneys

Many companies are offering debt settlement services and may pressure you to choose them. The problem is that many of them may not be trustworthy. They will try to convince you that their method will work while charging you recurring fees and tapping into the remaining money you have. There are companies that want to profit from servicing you before anything else.

Choosing a Debt Settlement Company Can Have Many Downsides

  • Higher Debt and More Payments

    They add extra charges. If you don’t pay them, they might not handle your remaining credit, destroying your credit score in the process.

  • Extremely High Fees

    Debt Settlement Companies are expensive. They will charge you a percentage of the debt they’ll help you settle.

  • No Guarantee of a Favorable Outcome

    A debt settlement company may suddenly disappear with your money. There is hardly any accountability with them.

  • Disliked by Creditors

    Lenders may opt to pursue litigation sooner because they may view debt settlement companies in a bad light.

Is Hiring The Gill Law Firm Worth It?

Debt settlement attorneys from Gill Law Firm are the better option. They know how to navigate various aspects of the process and give practical advice. Many lenders work with specialized attorneys who understand the system better.

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Advantage of Hiring a Debt Settlement Attorney

Defense in case a lender suddenly pursues a lawsuit.

They understand if the creditors are not following standards and regulations.

They can create numerous options and provide the best solution for you.

They will represent you when talking with creditors and with any collection companies.

They will protect you from the pressure of lenders and the collectors they hire.

Is Hiring The Gill Law Firm Worth It?

Hiring a legal team to help you will cost money, but it is a step to help you reduce debt significantly. You can first go for a free consultation to see if you have any options that the attorneys can help you with. Here are some ways Gill Law Firm can help:

  • They can appeal against any legal judgment.
  • They will negotiate with creditors to reach an agreement.
  • They will set up grounds for a counterclaim to help against debt.
  • They will navigate the legal system for you to see if there is a possibility to reduce or remove outstanding debt.

Attorneys can also gauge the situation you are in and advise the best moves as they have an understanding of what you are going through. They can work on your behalf and provide options so you can see solutions to your problem.


A Reputable and Trusted Firm for Debt Settlement

Gill Law Firm has the experience and results to back up claims. The team adheres to ethical standards and has been trained to handle the process. A specialized legal team will provide you with the most benefit as you deal with debt. Many other firms will try to convince you they are the solution even if they don’t know anything about handling debt.

Gill Law Firm is always willing to work on your schedule and set up a time that works best for you. An attorney will meet you face to face and discuss everything in person. The team understands the sensitivity and urgency of your situation and wants to disperse the fear. Other firms will convince you that they can work without a proper action plan and won’t even meet you in person. These are firms to avoid.

Hire The Gill Law Firm Today - Relief is Possible

Debt settlement can help relieve you from heavy burdens by providing you an effective and efficient way out of debt. It’s much better than a credit-eroding bankruptcy and far better than having litigation breathe down your neck. By hiring a specialist attorney from Gill, a debt settlement plan is possible. If you believe that it is an option you can work with, do not hesitate to contact the team.

The team at Gill Law Firm’s priority is to make the process easy to lessen the burden for those dealing with debt. The team prides itself on its ability to handle money matters and grant peace of mind to its clients. Personalized service and helping clients achieve success are the goals. Contact the team today to get a personalized and customized service that works only for you.